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Heat Levels

Description Reward Multiplier
At Notoriety Level Zero, you're pretty good at keeping a low profile. Stay under the radar and Enforcers won't oppose you. 0.5
At Notoriety Level One, you should be able to move about San Paro relatively unmolested. Enforcers won't oppose you unless they directly witness you committing a crime. 0.9
At Notoriety Level Two, Enforcers might be sent out against you if you break the law. 1.0
At Notoriety Level Three, you're on the radar of the Enforcers and are likely to be opposed. 1.25
At Notoriety Level Four, expect regular harrassment from local Enforcers. 1.5
At Notoriety Level Five, the whole city is out after you, and there's a major price on your head. Beware of Crims and 'Forcers alike trying to collect that bounty. 2.0
At Prestige Level Zero, you're almost as bad as the Criminals. 0.1
At Prestige Level One, your effectiveness as an Enforcer is under question. 0.9
At Prestige Level Two, you are a middle-of-the-road Enforcer. 1.0
At Prestige Level Three, people respect your skills as an Enforcer. 1.5
At Prestige Level Four, you're feared by Criminals all over San Paro. 1.75
At Prestige Level Five, there is a major price on your head. Watch out for Criminals looking to collect that bounty! 2.0